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Capter2 new

Chapter two
I'm sorry I'm late. But I try.
I think this chapter is non-verbal communication and how you speak people too.
I heard that 97 % of communications are non verbal. It might be true. I just
wanna tell my opinon about "silence". My country has a culture of science that
can be used communicate with others. However, if I keep silent for a while, people
said, What's long?! and you don't understand what I'm said? I could tell, people
don't need to speak all the time to communicate with others. If you go different
country, you don't speak German, french or Spanish whatever..., you still possible
to communicate those people. You can use body language, smile and nodd or something
like that. Meghan explains about reciever and sender.Also, I agree Ana comments too, Seego here.I can express how body language connected people.I think if I don't like to talk somekinds of people, I show my back first. I never see their eyes and no smile.
Also, When I am very angly,my eyes are bigger. When I wacth the movie ALFIE,I was
interested in main character's frined. His face is great example of body language.
When the friend is up set, his eyes are big and his mouth is so tight. When People mud, people keep silent rather than screaming.On the other hand, when people are happy, they dance and cring rather than keeping silence. My country has a culture of silence between people. So we have many example about body language.It represents my culture is not focus on "language" it-self. go here">CHECK

Shanon Weaver 1 new

Shannon Weaver 1
I think this theory was introduced my principal communication and interpersonalcommunication class. This model talking about transmitter, semantic and reciever. it's like a semiotic and encoding and dicoding.
I think that You should visit and this
The shanonn Weaver says before masseage arrive reciever, there was some noise through transmitter. Then receiver decipher the message.
I think it is kind similar Rossetta stone that was founded by Egypt a thousand years ago. people make a pictograph and idograph. Then people decipher those.
Noise is some time means deeper more than message, so I think
Rosalyn and Lyneve.
These two people have excellent comments for Shanon Weaver theory.
they say that how much communication help our life each other and
also interpretation is always different each person.
In my concludsion is that: I kind agree Shanonn Weaver's theory. If people
got information plain word (like a internet), we don't feel anything. (cold media)
however; if we got information from face to face , we defenetly feel something with it. When you talk someone on the phone,can you feel thier noise? I hardly people's feeling just phone call. However;if I talk to someone face to face, I can feel that thier nosie and feeling so well.I think language is not always can express people's mind. When you listen to the music, you feel the music is sad or happy song without language. Before I study English, I just listen hip-hop and R&B.I never understand what musicans are talikng about, but I feel their emotion very much. In my opinion, people can communicate without language. People can feel others emotion noise and
other body language too. I am not good writer,so I prefer talking. It is much easier express my mind for others.

Shanon Weaver 2

Sigh is more stronger any other words sometime.When you see the two little kids in the park, if one kids wears one blue jaket and pants and another wears pink T-shirts and half pants. You might think these are boy and girl.But if they are two boys or two girls, we really biased the sigh of color.
I agree the opinion of Danielle,"Never do you realize how much miscomunication goes on in the world..."
I think it is true. We just live our small world and the way of " If I like this, Others ofcause like this." it is totally untrue.
when I had a food factory, my boss gave me many sweets which is her favorite. However; I really don't like that and I really tired to eat that one. I refused finally.
I also agree Michael's opinion too.
He says that misinterpretation leads people's information disconcert.If you have an experience been another country, it always happens and you realized that how much you are needed to be understand others and need to understand others too.
In my conclusion, human being tend to biased people with race, gender and
career ( these are considered by Sigh and encode)but there is no guarantee that your ideal contents. So, I think Shanonn Weaver can metaphor that how people's communication is important and meaningful. Also, visit here and This.
I think that people made a mistake some times. I think Shanon Weaver is great example of our social commuication skill is not good enough yet.
If you know what is communication is, you still need to have an experience of communication. I guess. Roommate is great example of how you communicate with other people and you can find your new parts.

First assighment

First Assignment
I think this chapter talking about how people organized their community and how people make thier relationship unconsciously and consciously. In my case, I really agree that "similality" part. I totally agree
that " it would wise to emphasize your similality with other around you and deemphasize your difference. Melissa
have a great point of viwe.
I'm not American,but my good American friends has many similality my thoughts and idea. It is really does not matter people's nationality and it is the most important thig is people's character. In personally, I think
we might belong "community" or something like that. people need to be categlaized "who you are". Thus we have our own cultures, thoughts and notions. Melissa said communication skills are important at work, but also important when you make new friends tooI guess this chapter's last part told me impressed my idea so much. It said that" Whiners are not acceptable." I think this one word make sense a hundred sentense, you know. I think people need to be accept difference and shoud enjoying similarities.Lizasaid that
"common goal that many organizations have common characterisitcs: systems, rules, roles, hierarchy, norms, similarity, status, and networks" I agree with this opinion. Also I want you to see this web
Organizational communication is really useful skill for us. I had many miscommunicate with other country people because of language and tought.
But I beileve people can communicate if they try. When I came US, I always confused about different culture. Which makes me both sad and happy. Now I am studing how people communicate eacth other. It is very important to me. I know communication means, but I don't know how should I communicate with others.So I want to learn more.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Smart mobs&Flash mobs

According to the discriptions of smart mobs, I impressed this communication tool very much.people can creat their opinion together.Also,they are be able to become an union. This kind of organisational communication can effective for political demand and citizens movement.I think it is great communication skill more than any other tools. Bianca mention about the phillipines president dismissed. That is surprising and amazing result of smart mob. I think that people should do that same thing in my country.Smat mob is really sotisphicated and refined tool for people's communication.I found SAVE MASS TRANSIT COALITION it is an orgnaization about people who complain about MTA servise.

Flash mobs are more casual and familiar for people.I think that flash mobs are convinient and easy like a SMS messeage. I think it is easy and intersting to see this organizational communication. As Danielle says "flasmobs are rapid convergence of a large group of people that do something unusual and strange in a public space" this is good example and comment. Especially, NYC is diversity and many different kind of cultures and people live.Therefore, flash mob can be more progressed and developed other city.

I think that both smart and flash mobs show us how people be united and
creat an opinion.People say we are equal, but people don't listen others and ignore
others sometime. So Flash mobs and smart mobs can be help and promot others opinion and can creat "equality" more.

Monday, November 08, 2004

Communication revolution

I think organizational communication should have both old and new ways.
If we have urgent situation, we should use e-mail. However; if we need to decide
something important, we should have a meeting or conference.Today,people try to
reach people by tecnology.It is really easy and advantage to communicate
but,there are some negative aspects.Like an e-mail, I totally agree that NICOLE
statement.I always recieve that knids of sexual advertisemnts.It bothers me a lot.
Melissa explains that person-to person contact was more effective to important message, but it is limted.So, we can use weblogs and wikis to help that. I agree her opinion and weblog is kind to
easy discuss about same time. Also, we can share important infoirmation easily.
Also, it is paperless and ecology too.
Sarah points out blogs creates a friendship for people.
I have a friend that she always use her blog to keep in touch with her college
She says that blog is easy to access for many people sametime. It is better than e-mail.
I kind agree this opinion. When you have many friends who using a same blog, it is easy to access for eacth other. Like school e-mail system NYU, Columbia and FIT. have great e-mail system for a thousand students. School e-mail system has both negative and positive sides.
I never read my mmm account till last friday. I got a 586 e-mails from mmc. I can't believe it.
I think some of e-mails are just advertising, but some are very important.
How blogs save time for people?? I think blogs and wiki is able to help people's communication.
Also, wiki and blog can share the idea many people. I read Michael Moore's web site. There is a blog of people say sorry for the presidents election. Some people write opinion from Texsas, some people write opinion from L.A. It is great idea share the opinion about current issue. Our blog, we can share the good opinion out side school. If we finished this semester, we still can share and read others opinion in the future. I never made my blog, so I am enjoing read other people's information and make my comments sametime.
When you have a big complain,you can use wiki and blog too.I think that if you work a company and you complain about your company, you can share the feeling with people too. Weblogs can be personal and public too. E-mail is good for people, but it is just one person send for thousand people. If you have a topic, you should use blog and read everybody's opinion. It is better communication for organizational communication. I wish there is a great blog for all mmm students. If mmm students have one blog, we can share a lots of information that we have to know. Which class is eays or hard, who is great and bad for teaching class. Also, we can share the experience and story of same topic. I think this is exciting idea. I think wedding plan or part plan can be a great for the topic for friends blog.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Squeeze property

When I read this article, I feel terrible for may G*P jeans.......
This was 40$ and made in China. However,the works might paid 50 cent or a $ an
hour. "Unmade in America: the true cost of a global assembly line"by Brry Lynn
points out how American companies squeeze and rely too much on other contrast
labor and products. The company successes because it presents cheap and reasonable
cost all the time. But it is not fair and equal. Globalization is beautiful sounds, but there are many unjust and unfairness behind.Danielle
says "..This has lead to great dependence of foreign workers and products which
leaves us vulnerable to so many problems. I totally agree this opinion.
People and companies tend to care about own profit and utility, thus American Society get into trouble more and more than before. Also, Rosalyn mention that
"the incidents that would occur in the future won't effect them as much as if they
were to rely only on the corporation who are providing them with the products."
It is so true. If the company keeps try squeezing other country (or depend on)
supply, how people make a profit on their own??????? It is impossible.
We do care about products (size, desigh, color whatever..), we never care about
source of supply and propety. Controlling products means controlling people and
people's life. We shouldn't ignore that facts and should discuss more in public.
When I was teenager, I never thought the "limt" of source. However; we have a
limit all the time. It is not infinity of products and manufactures. I think that American company might start think about return sometime
instead to squeeze or exploitation from other country.
If you are interested in Click ! Check this out.
I hate the word of controlling. We always forget about our life squeeze someone's propety. I wacth Indian boys work more than 10 hours a day, but he just receive a $ or $. He can not live his life. I feel really sorry and guilty people using money for wasting. We always don't care other country's situation because we have too busy life. I don't think it is right. We can buy cheap cloths because of controlling others. It is hard to find a products which is made in That is true. I always see the tag made in China. I think we just know the fact of controlling and command. But if we saw reality, we feel more guilty and regret our life example,when I saw the vegetarian web site, I am very terrified to eat meat.
I saw the picture of dead cow which is very glose. I feel very bad and I don't want to eat and kill animals any more...... Also, there are many evidence that if you eat meat a lot, you will be get chemical effects ( like a adrenaline something like that)
People kill animals so easy and without any concerns. That is really rude and it turns around our life. I think controll and comand are goes around and comes around all the time.Now,I think i don't need to eat meat like before. Controlling means ignores people's will very much.In this few rich people controll other people's life. Many people sturving, but they don't care.It is so sad and should be changed their attitude.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Social net work

This is interesting topic for our society.
Nods makes people more tigh and conected. Betweenes, dedgres and closeness are relatedeach of each other. I feel that it is like a Thanks giving dinner.
I went my friends house at Thanks giving last year. I just know my friend,but when I went there, I met her parents, grandparents,sister and uncle and uncle's wife.( cute dog too) So I met seven people through my friend. Now, they know me, I know them. So, myfriend is a node. And then, her family and relatives are between ness and degrees I guess.
I think people need have a distance and betweeness. In Japanese "humanbeing" means people's distance,isn't it interesting? Like, business situation you defenetly need to have good distance, betweeness and closeness.I agree that daniel and Stephanie
If you interesting href="">visit here!
I think social network can connected people strongly more. I have best friends in my hometwon,they introduced their best friends me too. Now I know more people than before.If you work at company, you know your boss and you might know your boss's boss too. Every body connected by some ways in this world. When I was philly, I just tell my information, three days after, everybody knows about it. I feel terrified.
If you are belong to company, your information is controlled and known many people in your company. But When I have a complain about my air plane ticket, I called office. But they try to get out my complain thus I had to call too many different numbers. I think that is kind social net work which is avoiding their responsibility. Wanna Know?

Monday, October 18, 2004

Shanon Weaver 3

I think that notion can be big issue of people's communication.
For example, My notion is god is not only one ( I don't know it's Japanese way or not)but, my country has 800,0000 kinds different kinds of god.(according to myth)
I think Christians can't believe this. However, I grew up like almost " Religion Free" enviroment. ( sorry I use religion example, but I should explain my notion)
So, Sometime people can't understand people's notion and thought;however,people can't diss people's life ether. For instance, the word of "Dog" means love, cute, sweet and want to take care. However; others might think noise, big, dirty and scarelly. Even one word of "Dog"
is very different, but sometime people make mistakes force to their idea to others. I think many crims and wars are caused by these miundersatnding between people and peopl. (Also nation and nation) I agree Stephanie opinon about "meaning can't be in words or in people because they are always chaniging." I think Shanon and Weaver theory tells people's signify and signifer. It can be transmitted different way for receiver. Semiotic might always changed by recievers.
Also Suzanne mentions that "signifer representing a sound image." I think this is good point too.
When my friend (from L.A) came over NYC, she hated the attitude of newyorker. She said that
I feel like, I'm not in the U.S. She explained to me that People are more smile and friendly in L.A. all over the place. In, NYC, people can say that "May I help you?" or " Thank you very much." but There is no positive explanation. Interesting and FUN

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